The Podcast about Learning and Technology #7 – The Social Impact of Technology

Ginger Gorman is a multi-award winning Australian journalist and author. Earlier this year she published her first book “Troll Hunting” – an instant best seller about  harassment and cyber bullying. Her book  is personally motivated, as Ginger herself has been the target of cyber trolling – an experience that led her to try to understand who these trolls are, what motivates them, what the impact of trolling is on real individuals, and what we can do to stop it. Ginger was invited to do a key-note at the KnowHow EdTech-event in Stavanger, Norway, to talk about the social impact of technology. Listen to the conversation between Ginger Gorman and Professor of Journalism at the University of Stavanger, Helle Sjøvaag had during Forskningsdagene while Ginger was in Stavanger, about the inclusiveness and diversity in the media today.