1. Intro til Kafé Sosial

We all feel vulnerable at some point in our lives and may need the support of others to help us through.   

Kafé Sosial is an inclusive forum where multiple voices unite (practitioners, industry,  client, citizens, researchers, educators) in informal conversations on the many experiences of vulnerability and of the working lives of services that support us. 

In Kafe Sosial, we  discuss the many areas where  we may feel vulnerable.  We record conversations between people of varied perspectives all of whom have some responsibility for supporting the vulnerable.   

Kafe Sosial is is a place where we can cross boundaries; an informal place for a mutual exchange and respect of knowledge and expertise.  It is a place for informal conversations between people from universities, welfare and other organisations and where we can learn from each other.  This is a hybrid series with conversations in both English and Norwegian language.   The podcast is for any listener interested in making lives better and hearing different perspectives on how to do this.   

 In this episode Associate Professor Wenche Hovland talks to the editor of Kafé Sosial Professor Sarah Hean about the history and purpose of the Kafé Sosial podcast series. 

Contributors and Credits 
Wenche Hovland 
Sarah Hean 
Elizabeth Armstrong