18. Give us another chance

In this episode we talk about the importance of giving people leaving prison a second chance.  Prof Sarah Hean from University of Stavanger, Norway, talks to Amy Smith Coordinator for Hampshire of the Footprints project in the UK about how Footprints gives people a second chance.  They talk about differences in public opinion in Norway and UK, helping people stay free of crime and helping them feel recognised as valuable in society.

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This COLAB consortium is a partnership of criminal justice related organisations and academic institutions from Norway, UK, Denmark, Switzerland, Finland and the Netherlands.  The consortium was funded by the Marie Curie Sklodowska EU programme of Horizon2020. Much of the work of our consortium was based in Norway and therefore some of our podcast episodes are in Norwegian language.  However, because of the international nature of the COLAB consortium, much of the series is in  English. The Podcast series is funded by the Norwegian Research Council FORSTERK programme and produced by the University of Stavanger (COLAB FORSTERK 2021-2023).

Amy Smith, Footprints Project, UK
Prof Sarah Hean, University of Stavanger  Norway


Prof Sarah Hean, University of Stavanger  Norway